Carrie Prejean Racy Photos!

18 11 2009

Carrie Prejean Racy Photos? Say it ain’t so Miss California!

It seems like poor Carrie Prejean just can’t escape controversy. First her opinions, now her past.

Sadly this isn’t the first controversy for the former Miss California… everybody

We found out that Carrie Prejean lied about her racy photos… she told Miss California USA that there was only one; but TMZ proved there were more! chose to release several shots of Carrie Prejean posing on a beach. They were taken when she was twenty.

In these photos her breasts are only barely covered by her arms.

Even though picture was deemed too racy to be shown on the TODAY Show, you can find it here.

In response to the Miss California racy photos debacle, Carrie Prejean said this: “I am a Christian, and I am a model.”

It and the others in the set may also be too revealing for the Miss California pageant, according to a report filed for TODAY by NBC News™ correspondant Miguel Almaguer, who reported that the racy photos of Carrie Prejean violated her contract with the pageant.

The rules prohibit her from being photographed in a state of partial or total nudity.